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High Level Project & executive Management

Management exécutif & Direction de projets

What We Do

Executive Production

At IntoProd, we are firstly focus on the executive approach of production: audit of processes, efficiency of partners, global productivity and expected quality, deal issues…

The executive approach of production is often neglected. While it is actually key to drive the whole operational approach of a production.


Operational Production

We can also provide a day-to-day monitoring of your project. Operational production is the one that follows your teams and your projects litteraly everyday, setting-up milestones and reviewing them, organizing meetings and calls to make sure that everbody talks the same language


Business Development services

Getting to know the right people takes time. A lot of time. Over the last 15 years, our various challenges did put us at the right places, at the right moments..


Find the talents

Get the right people at the right place is key for the success.

We love to hunt, meet, check and finally get the perfect match for your project.


We offer a range of production and business service, dedicated to the success of your dev projects

We offer a range of production and business dev services, all designed to help your company and its products reach its potential. Whether you are looking for a small help or complete permanent support, we have you covered. 

Our network and expertize in the gaming as well as in the ‘serious software’ industry will either bring you to an immediate operational level if that was not the case already, and / or will drastically optimize your existing set-up, allowing you to meet deadlines and quality.


Hot facts

Each company is unique

• Understand the project, the people, the motivation, the constraints, the ressources… Key elements for a success

Understand the big picture

• Getting the real goal  of a company is key to succeed

Great staff make great projects

• Find the talents that fit your goals. Nothing is possible without great people


“The executive approach of production is often neglected, while it is actually key to efficiently drive the daily developement. IntoProd helped us to clarify the official path, to setup the proper process and to find the additional staff we need. Project got an overwhelming boost ! ”

R. Knijn


Lyon, France.